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HAMPTON, Va., March 30 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Measurement Specialties, Inc. , a designer and manufacturer of sensors and sensor-based systems, announced today that it has begun construction of its new Asia- Pacific headquarters in Shenzhen, China. Once complete, the 220,000 square foot facility will be home to nearly 1,600 Company employees engaging in development engineering and manufacturing in support of both regional and worldwide sales. The Company first established a presence in Shenzhen in 1995 and has continued to expand this operation as the Company has grown. MEAS China currently manufactures approximately 60% of the Company's global end sales and operates out of multiple leased sites within an industrial business park. Once complete, the new facility will allow the Company to consolidate all of its Shenzhen operations under one roof, mitigate risk ass... (more)

Tips for Fire Victims: What Should You Do After You Experience a Fire Disaster?

Normal 0 Tips for Fire Victims: What Should You Do After You Experience a Fire Disaster? by Ron Reitz, Quality Claims Management Corporation       Tips for Fire Victims: What Should You Do After You Experience a Fire Disaster?   Take a breath and do not make any hasty decisions. Do not accept the first offer you receive from the insurer.   Before accepting any offer from an insurer, be sure that the offer has been reviewed and analyzed against the insurance policy so that you know ALL insurable damage has been included and adequately addressed.   Do not speed through the process. While you may believe that the fastest resolution of your claim is best -- it often times is not best for the insured. Claims take a long time to settle. The more time and effort you spend valuing your claim, the higher your ultimate settlement will be.   Start... (more)

[berkman] Viktor Mayer-Schönberger on the virtue of forgetting

Viktor Mayer-Schönberger is giving a talk at the Berkman Center (well, actually at Pound Hall) on his book Delete: The Virtue of Forgetting in the Digital Age. Viktor teaches at Singapore University, and was at the Kennedy School for ten years. NOTE: Live-blogging. Getting things wrong. Missing points. Omitting key information. Introducing artificial choppiness. Over-emphasizing small matters. Paraphrasing badly. Not running a spellpchecker. Mangling other people’s ideas and words. You are warned, people. He begins with a story of person studying to become a teacher who was kicked out of school because the school noticed a photo of her drinking on Facebook. She tried deleting it, but the Internet remembered it. He gives another example: A person who noted in an article that he had taken LSD in the 1960s. When trying to cross into the US, an immigration officer refu... (more)

When Is More Important Than Where in Web Application Security

While you spend your time arguing over where application security belongs, miscreants are taking advantage of vulnerabilities. By the time you address the problem, they’ve moved on to the next one. Dmitry Evteev @ Positive Technologies Research has discovered (yet) another method of exploitation that allows for the injection of malicious SQL into sites and databases. A method that I discovered today in MySQL documentation struck me with its simplicity and the fact that I haven’t noticed it before. Let me describe this method of bypassing WAF. MySQL servers allow one to use comments of the following type: /*!sql-code*/ and /*!12345sql-code*/ As can be noticed, SQL code will be executed from the comment in both cases! The latter construction means that "sql-code" should be executed only if the DBMS version is later than the given value. As I have been repeatedly asserted ... (more)

WilCon Manages Infrastructure Risks

This is part three is a series of interviews with Eric Bender, president of Wilshire Connection. Wilshire Connection, or WilCon, is the largest independent local network and neutral fiber infrastructure provider in downtown Los Angeles. In this segment Eric discusses how WilCon managed risk to their network during the initial construction process, the continuing management of critical telecommunications infrastructure, and the role WilCon could play in the event of a major incident impacting the telecom industry in Los Angeles. Pacific Tier: (on the topic of utility gas and electricity) What risk is there to the infrastructure in downtown LA of an explosion from either electricity or gas, and what would that do to your conduits if it occurred? Eric Bender: Interesting question… I haven’t really thought much about that, it would, depending on where, you never want to... (more)

Asset Tracking, Asset Management and Mobile Handheld Applications

Consumer Electronics In this article Trimble's joint venture with CREEC is discussed. CREEC is the China Railway Eryuan Engineering Group Co. Ltd. This joint venture is to help deliver solutions to effectively manage the construction and maintenance of rail roads and their assets. How many of you have ever lost your keys around the house, or misplaced tools in your garage or shop? Image having billions of dollars worth of assets that you must locate, manage and maintain over thousands of miles and hundreds of properties. You can easily see how important it is to effectively track these assets, maintain and manage them in a powerful database system designed for asset management. Geotagging (geotagging is discussed in more detail here) the assets enable you to know where they are located. Inspecting and completing regularly scheduled "conditional assessment" reports us... (more)

Christmas Could Never Get Started Today

This time of year is a favorite for children of all ages – I happen to be one of these kids – in part because of the television programs that are shown around Christmas. A Charlie Brown Christmas, Santa Claus is Coming to Town, Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, and How the Grinch Stole Christmas, have been favorites of mine since TV went from exclusively black and white to poor quality color. This is no coincidence as these programs were made in the mid 1960’s. As I was watching this year, it occurred to me that if at this time in history Christmas had not yet been established, if somehow Christmas needed to be “started” in 2009, it wouldn’t stand a chance. Christmas would be doomed before it ever got started. First of all, the only time you can say Jesus Christ anymore is when you hit your thumb with a hammer. You can’t mention Him at City Hall, you can’t display a crè... (more)

Is Cloud Computing Actually Environmentally Friendly?

Cloud Interoperability Magazine on Ulitzer As we end 2009 and prepare for the next decade there seems to be a nagging question, a question that I have to say, I frequently answer without any concrete proof. A question that seems to be becoming more important then ever. The question is simple yet profound in its implications as a global citizen, is cloud computing actually environmentally friendly? First, I will admit, I am among the group of cloud advocates who routinely claim that cloud computing is green, I say this without any proof or evidence to support my statement. I make this claim as part of my broader pitch to use Cloud Computing, I say this as a sales and marketing guy, but not as an advocate. As an advocate I'd like to have some empirical data to support my position. Believe me, I've searched, and I've searched -- although there are piles of forecasts abo... (more)

Zebras, Giraffes, and Horses

My youngest daughter used to have trouble with her animals. Whenever she saw a giraffe, she would say "zebra" and whenever she saw a zebra she would say "giraffe!" Although an adult would never make that mistake, one can understand why a child would: She was new to these names, and they were entirely arbitrary words. Besides, both are quadrupeds with bizarre coloration and patterns. But my daughter definitely knew a horse when she saw one! Private Clouds and SSPs: Horses and Zebras Today's cloud storage world can be equally confusing to the uninitiated. Long-time IT folks remember the storage service providers (SSPs) of a decade ago and have watched as storage and server virtualization have gained prominence. When cloud storage began to get some press a couple of years ago, it was natural to try to fit it into the existing paradigms and understandable to fail to ... (more)

iPhone Mobile Audio Guides Created on the Street

Last week I was sitting in a soft leather chair in the corner of the Eagle, Idaho Starbucks Coffee Shop. Not so unusual, but this time I was recording the event on my iPhone using a free application called This application is the result of an entrepreneurial project out of Barcelona, Spain. This application enabled me to record an audio guides using the "Memo" function of the iPhone, associate a digital photo, capture the GPS coordinates and add a description and title. All of these individual functions exist already on the iPhone, but Woices brings them all together in one clever application and enables you to upload them to a centralized service so others can search and find your audio guide. When I first opened Woices, it searched on my GPS coordinates for any pre-existing audio guides that were within a certain distance of my location. If they exist,... (more)

Fourth Quarter Existing-Home Sales Surge in Most States

Bergen County Real Estate News According to the latest survey by the National Association of Realtors (NAR), total state existing-home sales rose 13.9 percent in the fourth quarter, and are up 27.2 percent compared to the fourth quarter of 2008. Existing-home sales increased from the third quarter in 48 states and the District of Columbia, and year-over-year sales were higher in 49 states and D.C., with all but three states having double-digit annual increases. "The surge in home sales was driven by buyers responding strongly to the tax c redit, combined with record low mortgage interest rates," said Lawrence Yun, NAR chief economist. In addition, the national median existing single-family home price was 4.1 percent below the fourth quarter of 2008, marking the smallest price decline in more than two years. According to Yun, this new data supports "broadly balanced h... (more)